Sunday, January 11, 2009

Boost the Immune System!!

So, it's cold and flu season, and having 6 kids, I really can't afford for each of them to take turns being sick. So, here's what I do to keep my brood from getting 'sick germs.'

1.) WASH YOUR HANDS!! This is the number one best way to prevent the spread of disease. Wash them often, wash them well.

2.) Each person takes a daily mulitvitamin. Remember, not all vitamins are created equal. I had a doctor tell me once that he recommends Flintstone's chewables for kids and adults!

3.) Load up on the Vitamin C!! Your body needs it to help fight off the nasties!

4.) Plenty of rest, lots of fluids, and healthy well-balanced meals are also key.

5.) Don't let everyone share cups and don't forget to scrub toilets, door knobs and sinks.

So, here's to keeping everyone safe, healthy and happy this year!

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