Sunday, January 11, 2009

Favorite stores....

So, we all have our favorite stores, right? Well, I just wanted to share a few of mine.

I love, love, love World Market. Have you been there? If not, go!!

I also love Kirkland's. Between these two stores, my house is almost completely redone. Good deals on home furnishings here.

Hobby Lobby is another good one. They are Christain owned and closed on Sundays. I got two huge antiquiy-looking crosses for my living room for 50% off, so they were like $15.00 each! Good deal cause they are about 2 feet tall and metal. Very pretty!

Hmmm, of course I love to shop at Bath and Body Works. A girl's gotta feel pretty, right? They just ended there end of the year clearance sales. I got three things of hand soap for 10 bucks!

Those are my top stores right now. I'll let ya know if I start loving any more!

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